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Stress in everyday life: Panic Attacks Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Everyone is affected by stress in a variety of ways. Among the more difficult forms of stress panic attacks.

Certain predisposed to having panic attacks. This explains why some affected and others not. It also underlines the difficulty some in understanding those who suffer from panic attacks.

If you never experienced one, how you understand what it feels to suffer one?

Stress in the workplace bring on, or aggravate, a panic attack disorder. if the stressor is outside the workplace, an employee affected at because they always anxious that an attack happen. A panic attack sufferer usually experience an attack during a stress situation. They fear and desperately to avoid a situation.

A classic example someone who a fear of flying. They the fear, they to of the situation because they it as threatening to them. Their fears and thoughts over any rational thinking.

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