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 Multiple-Choice Quest..164020
 Doctor and patient vo..155191
 Look at the following..128132
 Look at the following..122695
 Words and Expressions..91645
 Arrange the following..91610
 Collocations and Expr..78289
Start > Pharmacists > Reading
Match these medical collocations.
Read these medical articles, below are exercises on them.
  Recreating Articles  Recreate the text with multiple choice questions. 
  Reconstructing Articles  Find the medical English article's missing words. 
  Irregular Verbs  Replace the missing irregular verbs. 
  Find The Articles  Practice exercise (a, an, the) 
  Find The Determiners  Practice exercise (a, an, the, that, this) 
  Find The Common Verbs  Replace the missing verbs. 
 Document Gap filling  
Rebuild the medical English article by filling in the gaps.
Hangman exercises!
 Word order  
Rearrange these medical English sentences.
 Multiple choice  
Work out the correct answer from these multiple choice questions.

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Medical English

 Lastest for pharmacists
Collocations / Expressions / Phrasal Ver..
Collocations / Expressions / Phrasal Ver..
Gap filling - verbs 7
In the Pharmacy - Word order
Collocations - Drugs (1)
Medication instructions
Collocations & Expressions
Fill in the missing phrases
Collocations & Expressions
Collocations & Expressions

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