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Choose the correct answers, by selecting them from each list

Multiple-Choice Questions

All sorts of bad ___ like that.
And you kept ___ ear infections?
I ___. 
I had an ear-drum burst out ___ the inside. 
I never realised at the time what had ___
I went years ___ years without any treatment for it.
I’m talking ___ years ago, you understand.
I’ve always had a bit of a hearing ___, which I’ve always expected to get worse with age. 
In fact, don’t ___ swimming.  
So they told us ___ day:  you’ve got a burst ear-drum.  
That’s ___. 
The NHS was nowhere near ___ set up at that time.
The right ___ drum. 
There’s ___ much we can do about it
When I was a kid I ___ scarlet fever. `
You’ll have to learn to live ___ it.
You’ll never be able to train to be a pilot, be ___ when you go swimming.

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