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Ears Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

After syringing it is good plan, especially in cold or windy weather, to keep small plug of cotton wool in ear until you get home. Elderly patients should not go for syringing appointment alone. They frequently go very dizzy for few minutes after ears have been cleared out, which can be dangerous once they get outside surgery and have to travel home.

Quite often, early sign of wax may be itching just inside ear, as well as slight loss of hearing. But do not be disappointed if syringing does not cure your deafness.

There any many other causes for loss of hearing, such as nerve deafness often due to working in constant loud noise or after being exposed to loud bang or explosion - or otosclerosis, complaint where tiny bone deposits form in middle ear which prevent bony mechanism moving properly. main thing to remember is constant poking and prodding by patient can do more harm than good.

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