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Ears Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Wax in ears is possibly most common cause of gradual loss of hearing but it is also protective excretion from lining of ears. Patients who work in dusty jobs certainly get trouble more often. This may be partly due to particles piling up in ear passages, but it is also because secretion of wax actually collects dust particles.

Wax can partly block ear channels so that soundwaves are limited in effect, but delicate, complicated mechanism of middle ear can also seize up if wax gets into works. This mechanism includes three very tiny bones which must be able to move very freely if their owner is to hear properly.

Wax is sometimes pushed on to these bones by over-enthusiastic patient using various tools to try to get wax out. I have even heard patient say he uses toothpick to clean his ears. This is dangerous and can damage walls of passages and allow infection to get in, as well as push wax further along. If you think your trouble is wax go to doctor and he or she will be able to syringe wax out of ear safely.

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