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Medical Jokes (Teacher: Michael)

A sought medical aid because he popped and a ringing in his ears. A doctor him over andsuggested removal of his tonsils. The operation resulted in no improvement, so the patient consulted another doctor who suggested removal of his teeth. The teeth pulled, but , his popping and his ears rang.
A third doctor him bluntly, "You 6 months to live."

In that event, the doomed decided he'd treat himself in the remaining time he here on Earth. He bought a nice, new car, hired a chauffeur, and the best tailor in town him 30 new suits. Then he decided that his shirts made-to-order.

"Okay," the shirtmaker, "let's your measurement. Hmm….34 sleeve, 16 collar…"
"Fifteen," the interrupted.
"Sixteen collar," the shirtmaker repeated, measuring again.
"But I've always worn a 15 collar," the .
"Listen," the shirtmaker , " warning you. You on wearing a 15 collar, and your pop andyour ears ring."

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