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1. One of my patients complained that patches on her neck and upper ___ would never tan.
a b c
2. It almost looked as if someone had ___ white matt paint on her brown skin.
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3. This common condition is confused with a ___ infection.
a b c
4. The condition is called vitiligo, which means 'white ___ '.
a b c
5. The commonest sites to find this ___ are on the face, neck and hands.
a b c
6. It can also occur around the ___ openings.
a b c
7. ___ , vitiligo is not infectious, dangerous or painful.
a b c
8. No one knows what causes ___ .
a b c
9. Without its protective ___ , the skin burns more readily.
a b c
10. Skin ___ due to burns or trauma is also closely associated with it.
a b c
11. One thing is ___ , no one is born with vitiligo.
a b c
12. Many doctors think of the condition as an autoimmune ___ .
a b c
13. To protect ourselves, the body produces ___ in response to infection and injury.
a b c
14. In ___ diseases, these antibodies are directed against the body's own tissues.
a b c
15. Vitiligo sufferers have been found to have higher than ___ concentrations of antibodies to their own pigment cells.
a b c
16. ___ , at present, there is no cure for vitiligo, but there are a number of treatments.
a b c
17. One of the best things to do is to try to forget your white ___ .
a b c
18. Use lots of suntan ___ .
a b c
19. ___ , camouflage can be very useful for work, parties and special occasions.
a b c
20. Many things may ___ off the condition.
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