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A Word with the Doctor by Dr John Winsor
March 18, 2001 (The Sunday Times of Malta)

This condition may be a good enough excuse for not doing jobs you donít like doing, but that is poor consolation. It is a disease which affects men far more than women and attacks are more common in cold weather, or even after sitting in a chair at the office in a draught. It is also a slightly hereditary complaint.

This is by no means the same as the night-time cramp already mentioned, and there is no absolute cure. The patient learns to regulate the amount of exercise he or she can comfortably take.

No drugs offer a complete relief but there is one habit which the sufferer must give up -- smoking. Whatever may or may not be oneís views about the habit, it undoubtedly makes intermittent claudication far more troublesome.

A number of patients will secretly admit that so long as they keep off tobacco they do not get this fearsome cramp.