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We have mixed up all the irregular verbs in the text below, try and find the correct place for each one..

Medical Jokes (Teacher: Michael)

A man medical aid because he had popped eyes and a ringing in his ears. A doctor looked him over andsuggested removal of his tonsils. The operation resulted in no improvement, so the patient consulted another doctor who suggested removal of his teeth. The teeth pulled, but still, his eyes popping and his ears still .
A third doctor him bluntly, "You have 6 months to live."

In that event, the doomed man decided he'd treat himself in the remaining time he had here on Earth. He a nice, new car, hired a chauffeur, and had the best tailor in town him 30 new suits. Then he decided that even his shirts would made-to-order.

"Okay," the shirtmaker, "let's your measurement. Hmm….34 sleeve, 16 collar…"
"Fifteen," the man interrupted.
"Sixteen collar," the shirtmaker repeated, measuring again.
"But I've always a 15 collar," the man.
"Listen," the shirtmaker , "I'm warning you. You on wearing a 15 collar, and your eyes will pop andyour ears will ."

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