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We have mixed up all the irregular verbs in the text below, try and find the correct place for each one..

A bit about blood pressure Part 3 (Teacher: Michael)

Don't that if you are overweight, each kilo of fat needs more miles of blood vessels extra to the fat cells. Big people tend to have big blood pressure. If your blood pressure is persistently high, there are things you can about it. weight for one thing. down on common salt for cooking and seasoning for another.

Avoid prolonged or perpetual stress at home or at work. to live in harmony with those around you.

Impossible? Well, live with the aggro if it stimulates and excites you but, for heaven's sake (and your own), some way of calming down during the day.
This could by taking the faithful hound for a walk, swimming, or jogging away from it all on your own.

Don't just yourself off to the pub to away from it all. Alcohol is fine in small, relaxing doses; large dollops and regular binges cause depression which makes everything worse.

Excess caffeine produces excitement, restlessness, tremors and a fast heart rate. A cup of coffee can also raise blood pressure by about 10 per cent. So, only a few cups of either a day if your blood pressure is raised.

If diet, low salt, stopping smoking and relaxation don't your blood pressure down, then it is time to consider drugs on the advice of your doctor.

Modern blood pressure drugs are effective, have fewer side-effects, and can improve the quality of life.

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