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Infertility - a common problem Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Infertility is problem affects something like one couple in every ten. Think about . It is remarkable figure. One out of every ten couples can't have baby which they desperately want. There are said to be approximately 40 possible physical causes of infertility, although you could probably find more if you looked hard enough.

Among women, common problems are failure of ovulation and blockage of fallopian tubes (often caused by some previous infection). Among men (who are just likely to be cause of infertility as their partners), problems commonly include failure to produce spermatozoa in sufficient numbers, and failure to produce spermatozoa of good enough quality. Those disorders can themselves be traced back to other problems in many causes.

When woman fails to ovulate, for example, cause may be specific disorder such as endometriosis or general complaint such as sudden weight loss. When man doesn't produce enough sperm, or produces sperm of inferior quality, basic cause may be old infection, such as mumps, or accident. Of course, there can be mechanical causes for infertility.

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