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We have mixed up all the determiners (a, an, the, that, this) from the text, try and correctly place them.

Hospital at home Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

A downstairs bedroom saves enormous amount of legwork and stair climbing for carer. Food is easier to serve and it reaches patient while still moderately hot. Almost everyone who has done stint of upstairs nursing for long time has dropped at least one lot of food on stairs. Also, if patient is downstairs, they often feel better for being in contact with rest of home, unless they are very ill. Simply placing them near window which is not draughty will allow them to see what is going on outside.

A portable radio or television is also essential for most invalids to keep them entertained. If patient is youngster with homework to do, try to keep bedroom warm enough for child to work in. Finally, don't cart all flowers out of temporary bedroom every night. idea they use up patient's oxygen must date back to days before oxygen was discovered. It is also good idea to keep air freshener in room as unhealthy human can sometimes affect bouquet of room rather badly!

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