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St James Hospital Eye Centre: A new concept for the treatment of eye disorders Part 6 (Teacher: Michael)

Though software being used is relatively -new on market it has been accredited by European and American standardisation boards, which means it is only released on market following years of scrutiny.

All consultants who perform treatments have been sent for training abroad and have been assessed by foreign experts.

According to protocols set up by management based upon European requisites, no ophthalmic doctor is allowed to perform any treatment unless he has proven records demonstrating he has received necessary training to perform such treatments.

A number of people are still apprehensive mainly due to misinformation and misunderstandings, doctor said.

"But is why we provide detailed informative seminars to all prospective clients to explain any risks or possible complications directly related with procedure. To alleviate these apprehensions, correct and detailed information is essential."

He said eye centre is now so highly equipped it can offer other alternative new treatments for clients who are extremely short sighted and cannot have laser-assisted refractive surgery.

"In fact we have operated relatively young people who were above -20 vision and in some cases their vision has improved tremendously and their need for very thick glasses is now obsolete," doctor said.

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