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How to get the best out of prescribed drugs Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Every year I get many letters from readers who have suffered unpleasant problems with prescribed drugs. Sometimes problems are unavoidable. But often, side effects could have been avoided - if patient had known little more about how to use drugs safely.

Here, therefore are some tips on how to get best out of prescribed drugs. These tips are taken from Patient's Companion, Corgi paperback.

1. Always follow any specific instructions you are given about drugs.

2. Learn names and purposes of drugs you take. If you are not sure when to take drugs you have been given, check with your doctor or pharmacist. If you think you will forget instructions, make sure they are written down.

3. Do not remove drugs from their proper container except when taking them or if you are transferring them to special pill box designed to carry one day's supplies.

4. Store drugs in locked cupboard where temperature is fairly stable.

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