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Homeopathy - What is it? Part 6 (Teacher: Michael)

There is mistaken idea quite commonly held homeopathic physician does not believe in operations. It is not matter of belief, but of knowledge and experience. It is true on occasions homeopathic treatment may be successful where, generally speaking, surgery would be regarded as only possible treatment. If disease process has got to stage when it is not reversible, but where surgery could help patient, homeopathic physician would not hesitate to ask for surgeon's aid. Even in surgical cases homeopathic treatment, both before and after operation can be most helpful.

Is homeopathic treatment newfangled idea? By no means. It was first suggested by famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, who lived 460 to 370 before Christian era. It was, however, not put into practice, so far as is known, until very distinguished physician, chemist and linguist, Samuel Hahnemann, as result of some very prolonged and interesting experiments, developed and practised it, at first in Germany and then in France. was about 150 years ago. It has been practised in country by minority of doctors for nearly same number of years, and chief homeopathic hospital in Great Britain celebrated its centenary in 1949. It is also practised in very many other countries throughout world.

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