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A question of (the baby's) sex Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

If you want boy, then you should abstain from intercourse until day of ovulation. If you want girl, then you should have sex from beginning of cycle until three days before ovulation when you should avoid intercourse.
Neither Hazel Phillips nor I guarantee that this method will work. But it will at least be fun trying! All this interest in choosing sex of baby has reminded me of doctor I used to know years ago. He had foolproof way of predicting sex of baby.

When pregnant woman went to see him and wanted to know what sex her baby was going to be, he would tell her that she was going to have girl; and he would write note in back of his diary. Just so that there wouldn't be any argument about it afterwards. But being crafty old doctor he would write 'boy' in back of his diary.

When patient came to see him after birth, he would be able to claim 100 per cent success rate. If she had girl, then she'd probably remember what he'd told her. And he wouldn't need diary. If she had boy, then he'd take out his diary, show her entry, and explain that she must have misheard him!

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