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What to tell the doctor Part 1 (Teacher: Michael)

Do you tongue-tied at the doctor's? you dry when you enter the consulting ? What you when you sit by the doctor's desk?

Doctors a similar problem: what to to patients. To start the consultation with "How you?" is just no . Whenever I've tried that opening gambit, "very , thank you" the instant response - followed by a pause. Then an embarrassed " no, I wouldn't here if I " "What is the with you?"; is another non-starter from the doctor's of view. It brings forth the reply: "That's what I you to me!" or "You're the doctor, not me. I what is wrong."

Over the years, I've opted for a greeting such as, "Good morning, Mr Smith. What I for you?" this goes wrong sometimes, but at least it leads to fewer hiccups getting the consultative ball backwards and forwards, from patient to doctor.

Many , just as I I've successfully sorted their problem, my patient produces another one, a magician bringing rabbits of a hat, but these different animals each time! At the rate medical matters solved, only a couple of them discussed before the consultation runs of time; and conscious that there others waiting their , and getting worked about their chat with the doctor. Dilemma. What to now?

If I curtail the consultation abruptly, my patient that they a raw deal, and that the doctor doesn't care, or isn't interested.

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