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The dreaded mosquito Part 3 (Teacher: Michael)


1. If planning to spend the evening , wear trousers and mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Ultraviolet insect killers very helpful if you to stay -out in the garden or by the pool.

2. When spraying avoid applying repellent to children's . the label carefully. Always wash treated skin after mosquito exposure ended.

3. Note that vitamin B and "ultrasonic devices" not effective in preventing mosquito bites.

4. sure that there no uncovered containers, wells or cisterns to your home which holding stagnant , because mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant .

5. Ensure that your home tight fitting insect screens and not forget that vents covered with insect netting.

6. If spraying bedrooms with insecticide aerosols, sure, to enough time for the aerosol to settle before to sleep.

7. Deodorised mosquito repellents very effective but cause respiratory problems especially in children if without adequate ventilation. So please care.

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