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A question of (the baby's) sex Part 2 (Teacher: Michael)

If you a boy, then you abstain from intercourse until the day of ovulation. If you a girl, then you sex from the beginning of the cycle until three days before ovulation when you avoid intercourse.
Neither Hazel Phillips nor I guarantee that this method . But it at least fun trying! All this interest in choosing the sex of a baby reminded me of a doctor I to years ago. He a foolproof way of predicting the sex of a baby.

When a pregnant woman to him and to what sex her baby to , he her that she to a girl; and he write a note in the of his diary. Just so that there wouldn't any argument about it afterwards. But a crafty old doctor he write 'boy' in the of his diary.

When the patient to him after the birth, he able to claim a 100 per cent success rate. If she a girl, then she'd probably remember what he'd her. And he wouldn't the diary. If she a boy, then he'd his diary, her the entry, and explain that she misheard him!

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