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33 - Explaining medical procedures

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In the following clip, the doctor explains some specific medical procedures to Mr Wilson (patient) and assures him that he has very little to worry about.

"Please don't be alarmed." is an expression that the doctor uses to try to comfort Mr Wilson as he is obviously concerned that the hospital visit will not be as 'routine' (usual, and nothing to worry about) as the doctor suggests.

The doctor says that the tiny TV will be inserted into the stomach to "have a good look round" meaning that it will look inside the stomach and see if anything abnormal is happening.

Mr Wilson says: "Who knows where it'll all end up?" referring to the fact that he is not sure what the results will show and that he is fearing the worst. 'It'll all end up' - the worse possible outcome.

"You'll be out the day after you go in, right as rain." is an interesting expression used by the doctor to mean that the patient will be fine and has nothing to worry about.

Medical words: admitted, in-patient, out-patient, endoscopy, colonoscopy, stomach, colon, bowel, anaesthetise, tranquilliser, painful, discomfort, hospital, treatment, tests

Possible problematic words: overnight, alarmed, offer, inserting, flexible, tube, round, either, relax, major, whatever, routine, positive, sending, overnight

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