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32 - Informing a patient of an initial diagnosis

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In the following clip, the doctor informs Mr Wilson what he thinks the problem actually is.

The doctor is still not sure of the cause of the problem, and is waiting for the hospital test results to tell him more.

Mr Wilson is somewhat uneasy: "My God, doctor - you've got me scared!" The doctor is quick to calm Mr Wilson: "I assure you, Mr Wilson. Honestly, it really is perfectly straightforward."

"You'll be out the day after you go in, right as rain." is an interesting expression used by the doctor to mean that the patient will be fine and has nothing to worry about.

Medical words: ulcer, duodenal, treatment, palliate, cure, condition, drugs, diet, tablets, operation, hospital, tests, operate, admitted

Possible problematic words: possible, perhaps, serious, control, strict, depends, decide, scared, intention, assure, honestly, perfectly, straightforward

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