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31 - Tactful approach to a doubtful prognosis

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In the following clip, Mr Wilson (patient) revisits his doctor at his practice. Mr Wilson is keen to know the results of his tests, and the doctor has to break the news that the test results are more serious than both the doctor and patient initially thought.

The test results are still inconclusive, and the doctor refers the patient to hospital for further testing.

Towards the end of the clip, Mr Wilson says: "you don't need to wrap me up in cotton wool!" meaning that he feels that the doctor is being over-protective and not telling him what the exact problem is. The doctor does go on to tell the patient what his concerns are and uses an expression, 'mumbo-jumbo' which means language which is too difficult to understand, or impossible to make sense of.

Medical words: test, appointment, urine, stool, tests, hospital, abnormal, stomach, acid, heartburn

Possible problematic words: complicated, thought, indicate, further, serious, slightly, alarmed, routine, deeper, indeed, mere

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