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30 - Initial prognosis of an inconclusive case

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In the following clip we see the doctor giving an initial prognosis (a prediction of the most likely course and outcome of a disease) of an inconclusive case. The doctor does not have enough information to prescribe treatment and therefore recommends that Mr Wilson go to the hospital for some tests.

In this clip, the doctor does most of the talking. He explains (in great detail) the nature of the tests and what they involve to reassure Mr Wilson that what is being done is routine and not (at the moment) life-threatening.

"And still no relief" means that the problem has not improved over a period of time.

The doctor finishes by comforting Mr Wilson that all will be fine, "It'll all be fine. Trust me."

Medical words: notes, prescribed, antacid, condition, tests, sample, urine, stool, practice, nurse, blood, lab, results, specialist, hospital, endoscopy, colonoscopy, stomach, bowel, tablets

Possible problematic words: period, relief, properly, regularly, assuming, unpleasant, inconveinient, life-threatening, provide, arrange, containers, labelling, fully, sealed, analysis, refer, flexible, tube, alarmed, routine, meantime, present, controlling, harm, trust

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