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27 - Asking questions about a patient’s problem

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In this clip, the doctor enquires further about the patient's problem.

The doctor asks a number of questions to find out the exact extent of the problem:

"When did you first have the problem?"
"What do you understand by 'heartburn'?"
"When have you been getting it?"
"Have you ever noticed any particular kind of other discomfort or pain, perhaps associated with the heartburn?"
"When you say 'after meals' - is that long after?"
"You're not regularly over-eating, are you?"

"To make a pig of oneself" means to eat too much.

Medical words: heartburn, stomach acid, mouth, discomfort, pain, burp, chronic, condition, over-eating

Possible problematic words: noticed, seems, usually, perhaps, associated, generally, special, shoots, unpleasant, occasionally, regularly

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