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15 -Interview - salaries, assessments and professional memberships

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In the following clip a ward sister and nurse discuss salaries, assessments and professional memberships.

The clip opens with the ward sister asking the nurse whether she knows if she has been put on the salary scale and what grade she has been given. The nurse replies that she is disappointed with the grade. The ward sister is sympathetic, however cannot do anything about it as only the personnel department which controls salaries.

The nurse wants the ward sister to explain the procedure of 'professional development' as this is the only way that her salary can be increased.

At the end of the clip, the ward nurse asks the nurse whether she has thought of joining a 'professional association' (union) which she says that she will talk about later.

Medical words: ward

Possible problematic words: placed, salary, scale, grade, disappointed, graduate, status, mean, sympathy, appreciate, matters, strictly, reserved, personnel, promised, review, subject,
ordinary, assessment, exactly, sure, procedure, structure, controls, framework, regular, manager, finding, base, joining, professional, association, union

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