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13 - Interview - checking on accommodation and other needs

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In the following clip, a ward sister chats to a nurse about the nurse's accommodation and her technical specialisms.

The clip begins with the nurse talking about her friends placements (the word “placements” might need to be explained somehow, it’s an often-used word in nursing. Dictionary says “the finding of suitable accommodation or employment for applicants”, but even this sounds too complex) in the hospital and their accommodation in the nurses' home annexe. The nurse explains that the accommodation is fine, with all the colleagues having their own room while sharing a kitchen.

The nurse goes on to ask the ward sister whether she was ever a pupil nurse there too. The ward sister replies: "I was. Once upon a time."

'Once upon a time' means 'a long time ago'. The nurse rather cheekily asks when that was, to which the ward nurse replies: "Never you mind." (It's none of your business!)

The clip continues with the pair talking about the nurse's friends’ specialisms. There is some confusion as to why Pedro (whose specialism is in geriatric care ) is not actually placed in the appropriate ward. The nurse replies that wherever they are placed they are still gaining valuable experience.

Medical words: ward, paediatric, surgical, nurse, orthopaedic, geriatric

Possible problematic words: working, annexe, changed, trainee, kitchen, pupil, meant, specialisms, perhaps, sorted, mind, experience, though, strange, matched

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