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11 - Helping a new colleague to settle in

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In the final clip, nurse 1 helps nurse 2 to settle in socially. Topics like: the town, accommodation, the nightlife and marriage are all mentioned.

The whole scene lasts three and a half minutes which raises the point that when meeting someone for the first time, an adequate amount of time should be taken to make the colleague feel "at home".

Notice the use of the word "fella" which is an informal word meaning a man or male. By using the word, it shows that the new employee is comfortable with the nurse and that the nurse has been successful in making the new colleague feel at ease with her surroundings.

The clip ends with nurse 1 referring to their next meeting during the coffee break.

Medical words: sister

Possible problematic words: annexe, fella, trained, foreign, wonderful, seemed, disappointed, terrific, perhaps

"just yet" – meaning – ‘now’
"all right" – in the context of the dialogue, means ‘yes, it certainly does rain a lot’.

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