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10 - Sharing work experiences with a new colleague

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The following clip continues in the hospital with the nurses discussing their previous working experiences.

The dialogue is polite and friendly at all times - a must when meeting a new colleague.

It is interesting to note that nurse 1 says "You'll be a godsend to us." Again, the use of words is extremely complimentary. The nurse is saying how important the new nurse will be. This is done to make the new employee feel as comfortable as possible.

It is obvious that the new nurse has not been placed in the ward she was expecting. She shows a desire and eagerness to learn by saying that "It's all experience."

Medical words: paediatrics, nursing, Geriatric, ward

"Fit in" is a phrasal (multi-word) verb meaning to feel at home eg: "I'm sure you'll fit in very well."
“hands on” – practical,
“ever so” – very

Possible problematic words: status, training, graduate, practical, specialism, application form, short-staffed

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